Career Issues

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What a person does for a living can be a huge part of their life. When we meet other people, often the first question we ask them is, “so what do you do?” On some level our work is part of our identity, but it is also a primary source of income and savings for many people.

When you’re thinking about starting or changing your career there are quite a few factors to consider. Satisfaction, salary, and savings, for example, all play important roles in how we think about our jobs. But because so many things impact our career choices sometimes it can be difficult to parse apart what we care most about. Do you want to be near your family and friends? Do you want to do something you’re passionate about? Do you want to make a good salary? Oftentimes the answer to all these questions is yes; however, finding the “perfect job” that fits all these criteria is pretty tough (especially with such high unemployment rates and fierce competition).

At some point, most people feel some kind of negative emotion as a result of their job. Even people who love their work probably have days where they feel frustrated, tired, or just plain bored. When these feelings start to impair your daily functioning, however, it’s important to reach out for support. If you’re experiencing feelings of anxiety, depression or other negative emotion as a result of your work, please search our database to find a licensed psychologist. Together, you and your psychologist can develop an individualized plan to improve your work satisfaction.

Consider the resources below when looking into your career: