Does Therapy Work?

Across the United States millions of people struggle with debilitating mental health conditions. To alleviate distress, many people seek out a psychologist for help. But does therapy work? Is it really worth your time and money?

There is both a short and long answer to this question. The short answer is ‘yes’ – therapy has been demonstrated to be effective by thousands of studies. But the extent to which therapy helps someone depends on a bunch of different factors – this is the long answer.

There are quite a few styles of therapy, many of which are effective. Oftentimes, the particular type of treatment is less important than the client and therapist’s ability to work collaboratively. Although some types of therapy may work particularly well with a particular disorder, we can’t know for sure why therapy works because every therapy situation is different.

In many cases, in order for therapy to work the client and therapist need to establish a strong sense of rapport, trust, and confidence with one another. They need to respect and value each other’s thoughts and collaborate with one another to help alleviate the client’s distress. Therefore, when you begin communicating with a therapist it’s important to ask yourself, “is this person someone I feel comfortable opening up to?”

If your answer to that question is ‘no’ then perhaps you should identify a therapist that you feel more comfortable with. The more comfortable you feel the more likely it is that therapy will improve the overall quality of your life. Search our database today to find a licensed psychologist that meets your needs.