Facing Death & Dying



For most people, the thought of death and dying is an overwhelming feeling. Everyone has an understanding that their life will end, but few people take time to ask questions such as:

  • When I near the end of my life, how do I want people to treat me?
  • What kind of medical treatment am I comfortable with?
  • What role will my friends and family members have before, during, and after my passing?
  • What will happen to my belongings?
  • If I am unable to make decisions relating to my well being, who should make those decisions for me?

Although there is no one correct way to answer these questions, it is important to address them to ensure that a person feels as comfortable as possible during the later stages of life. As palliative and hospice care increase in the United States, families and individuals should thoughtfully address each of these areas.


For assistance while planning for your own or a loved one’s passing, please search our database of psychologists. The emotional and psychological support provided by a psychologist could help you and your family prepare for the dying process in a way you feel comfortable with.

Other resources to consider: