Making Friends

Making friendsFor many people making and maintaining friendships is an important part of life. For instance, friends can improve your mental and physical health and help you experience new things. But sometimes making and maintaining friends can be stressful, expensive, and just plain difficult. So how do you attract and maintain friendships that are rewarding and meaningful? How do you break a connection with a friend you don’t want to interact with anymore?

These are complicated questions and there is likely not one correct answer. However, it’s important to keep in mind that friendships should create positive emotions for both people. Let’s consider some aspects of friendships that help accomplish this:

Respect – Do you respect each other’s values and opinions?

Enjoyment – Do you enjoy spending time with each other?

Trust – Do you trust one another to interact in a genuine way?

Communication – Are you able to honestly and effectively communicate with this person?

Because friendships can be such an important part of life they can also produce psychological distress. It’s important to understand that nobody is able to manage their friendships perfectly – all relationships go through highs and lows. Sometimes it helps to think critically about these relationships and reflect on how they are impact your own psychological well-being. If you have a question about friendships or relationships in general, please don’t hesitate to search our database of psychologists. By collaborating with a psychologist, you can improve the quality of your friendships and your psychological well-being.

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