In our society, when someone has a weight problem other people may wonder, “why don’t they just eat better?” What these individuals don’t realize is that many people who struggle with this disease are taking action to move towards a healthy weight. Often times, the solution to obesity is complicated and doesn’t simply involve eating more vegetables!

Obesity is not a moral failing and is usually not a self-discipline problem; rather, it is a complex, societal issue that occurs for many reasons. There is compelling evidence that genetics impact a person’s physical ability to manage calories. Additionally, decreased physical activity – such as removing recess in schools – may further contribute to this societal problem.

For many people, obesity can lead to negative health outcomes like heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and many other physical problems. But did you know that people living with obesity may also have greater vulnerability to psychological problems like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and distorted self-image?

If you are struggling with your weight, please consult a medical doctor or consider contacting a licensed psychologist to improve your physical and psychological well-being. Obesity is a complicated disease that researchers are just beginning to understand; please take advantage of medical professionals’ existing knowledge to improve the quality of your daily life!

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