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Learning Self-Compassion by Dr. Jackie Henry

Posted by on Mar 7, 2017 in Culture & Society, Stress, The Wire, Women’s Health |

Compassion is a desirable quality, one we try to cultivate in our children, toward our friends and family and within our local communities. When a friend is feeling down or discouraged, we don’t hesitate to comfort them and offer words of understanding. Yet when it comes to our own experience, many find it difficult to turn this compassion inward.

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The Decision to be Child-Free

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017 in Culture & Society, Marriage & Family, The Wire |

Many individuals choose to not have children. The process of deciding to have a child or not presents the opportunity for individuals to determine whether parenthood is best for them and for hypothetical future children. While it can be a very difficult decision, a person may make the careful choice to remain child-free for one specific reason—or many. One’s mental health can be affected throughout this decision-making process because it can involve conflicting emotions, but it can also be affected after the decision has been made because of the stigma associated with being child-free. These two situations can be difficult to navigate at first, but there are self-help and community resources available.

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