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Widener University (1993)

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Amy Amarello, PsyD

I work in an outpatient clinic (St. Luke’s Center for Neurobehavioral Medicine) embedded within a children’s hospital and large health system. While I have a great deal of psychotherapy experience, I am currently doing only evaluations– psychological, neuropsychological, and psycho-educational. Primarily, I am a clinical psychologist as well as a neuropsychologist, having completed a postdoctoral fellowship and training in neuropsychology. Additionally, through my clinical psychology program, I completed a component of school psychology training and have worked as a school psychologist in the past. While I have worked with adults in the past, I am currently serving children and adolescents, and I occasionally have the opportunity to assess young adults. Mainly the referrals routed to me involve individuals with psychiatric and/or neurodevelopmental disorders. Through the clinic to which I’m assigned, I have the good fortune to work with a variety of other mental health professionals, such as psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

Practice Characteristics

Areas of Expertise

  • School Psychology (e.g., individualized education planning, placement, conduct problems, advanced placement)
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • General Psychological Testing (e.g., intelligence, personality, vocational, aptitude, school placement, health)

Ages Served

  • Adolescents (13-17 yrs.)
  • Children (3-12 yrs.)
  • Adults (18-64 yrs.)
  • Older adults (65 yrs. or older)

Treatment Modalities

  • Psychodynamic Treatment


    • National Register of Health Service Psychologists

Insurance Plans

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Please contact for additional plans

Contact Information

Primary Contact

5600 West Drawbridge Drive
Boise, ID 83703
F: 208-381-5971

Secondary Contact

St. Luke's Children's Hospital, Dept of Neuro & Bhvrl Psych
1075 East Park Boulevard
Boise, ID 83712
P: 208-381-7499