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Why Find a Psychologist?

We all face stressors that throw life out of balance and affect our peace of mind. Finding someone to talk to about these issues is an important step towards attaining healthy physical and mental well-being. Psychologists are specially trained to help you meet the challenges you face, assist you in changing unhealthy behaviors, and deal with overwhelming situations.

Psychologists receive extensive training in assessment, diagnosis, and intervention. In fact, psychologists average six additional years of education and training after completing their undergraduate degree. Psychologists also obtain knowledge from strong evidence-based scientific research in the field and are required to have thousands of hours of practical supervised experience before they practice independently. This blend of education and experience allows psychologists to help you cope with life problems and work in collaboration with a primary care and family practice physician in the evaluation of your total health.

All psychologists listed on are licensed and credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. For more information about the psychologists in our database, visit About Us.

Please note: Areas of expertise listed by each psychologist are general categories to help you make a decision about which psychologist is best for you. We list specific examples in each area, but each psychologist may not offer treatment for all examples listed. Please contact their office to see if it's the right fit for the help you are seeking.

Your Find a Psychologist Toolkit: is dedicated to helping you find a psychologist who can meet your needs. You can search our database of licensed credentialed health service psychologists who meet the National Register’s credentialing quality standards. Below you will find a toolkit with tips to help you navigate your search.

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