Women’s Health


In the past year, about 1 in 10 women experienced depression. Even more live with or have experienced other psychological stressors that influence their day-to-day functioning. For example, sexual or emotional abuse, reproductive health, inequity in employment, and societal discrimination like sexualized media are other areas that detract from women’s psychological well-being. Although these topics are significant to men and women, they may be especially relevant to females.

Psychologists have a breadth of knowledge on a variety of topics that are salient to women’s psychological health. For example, psychologists have specialized training working with female trauma survivors, the psychological effects of pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, and postpartum depression.

Seeking support to promote your psychological functioning is an important step to improving your overall health. If you are wondering whether connecting with a psychologist is a good decision for you, please search our database to become more familiar with health service psychologists near you.

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