Anxiety and College Mental Health

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Early in university, I experienced debilitating bouts of panic attacks. I was struggling with severe anxiety that was hindering my ability to sustain attention, comprehend information, and succeed in examinations. As a student, I couldn’t even sit through entire classes—leaping from a seated position and running out when my heart rate started beating like I was running four-minute miles.

I realized amidst this painful anxiety that I needed help, but didn’t know where to seek it.

The transition to college life is frequently stressful for many. You may be away from family, friends, and the social networks that you have relied on for years. For others, heightened workloads, critical exams, financial complications, identity stress (e.g., experiences of sexism, racism, and homophobia), and/or relationship conflict can contribute to heightened anxiety and a need for help.

When you need help, finding and receiving support can be a mystery full of barriers, expenses, and unknowns. A good first step is to find out what your college or university provides, as many offer mental health services. Students can often find ongoing individual therapy, support groups, and other outreach opportunities at low or no cost. However, these services at higher education institutions aren’t right or available for everyone (e.g., sometimes there are large waitlists or you cannot see a provider as frequently as you’d like) nor do they tend to offer long-term care.

If you are experiencing distressing levels of anxiety as a college student, another fantastic resource is Find a Psychologist by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. With a busy schedule and various stressors, finding a trustworthy, qualified mental health provider is essential; ideally, you can find someone rapidly as well. Find a Psychologist helps connect you with health service psychologists in your area, and removes the hurdles that might prevent you from getting help.

Need help finding psychologists 5 miles or closer to your residence hall?

Need help finding someone who can provide help with the anxiety you’re experiencing?

Need help finding licensed professionals who are trustworthy and have received years of training?

College is difficult enough, finding a psychologist shouldn’t be. As a student experiencing anxiety, consider your resources such as mental health services at the institution. Although, should you need additional, more specialized, or intensive care, rapidly finding a mental health provider in the community is essential. There’s help and support, and it might just be closer than you think. Take a peek at Find a Psychologist, as this resource can help you efficiently and effectively get help. For a more personalized experience, you can try a guided search.

Find a Psychologist foranxiety

Samuel Lustgarten, PhD

Samuel Lustgarten, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and member of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. Over the last seven years, he has worked to examine the intersections between technology and psychology, publishing articles in American Psychologist, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, and Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice. Dr. Lustgarten continues to work closely with clients and associates in practice and advocate for training needs when implementing telepsychology. Now in private practice, Sam works with clients in the Madison, WI area. As a professional consultant for the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, he facilitates connection with current and future Associates, along with hosting The Clinical Consult podcast.