Why Find a Psychologist?

Your Mental Health

We all face stressors and adjustments that throw life out of balance and affect our peace of mind. Finding someone to talk to about these concerns is an important step toward attaining physical and mental well-being. Psychologists are specially trained to help you meet the challenges you face, change unhealthy behaviors, and cope with overwhelming situations. You can search our site based on many treatment types and areas of expertise that can help you get treatment for a specific concern.

Qualified Help

Psychologists receive extensive training in assessment, diagnosis, and intervention and average six additional years of education and training after completing their undergraduate degree. Psychologists also obtain knowledge from strong evidence-based scientific research in the field and are required to have thousands of hours of practical supervised experience before they practice independently.

Findapsychologist.org lists psychologists who are also credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists—which means they’ve met our specific education and training requirements to help you find high-quality care for your mental health concerns.

The National Register currently credentials 10,000 psychologists. Of that number, approximately 4,000 members have notified the National Register that they are not currently accepting new patients or clients, so this database includes approximately 6,000 psychologists nationwide who are likely accepting new patients. You can double check whether a psychologist is accepting new patients when you call to ask questions before scheduling an appointment.

What is a National Register Credentialed Psychologist?

Not all psychologists are credentialed by the National Register. In fact, the credential requires a strict review of education, thousands of hours of supervised experience, and an exemplary record of professional practice. The psychologists you find in the FindaPsychologist.org database are credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists and have been verified to meet the following standards:

  • Earned a doctoral degree in psychology from an American Psychological Association or Canadian Psychological Association accredited doctoral program, or from a program that otherwise meets the National Register Doctoral Degree Guidelines
  • Received at least 3,000 hours of approved supervised experience in psychology
  • Possessed an active and unrestricted license at time of credentialing*
  • No unresolved disciplinary action at time of credentialing*

* National Register monitors licensure and disciplinary actions taken by state/provincial licensing boards and sanctions our members as appropriate.