Finding the Best Fit


Thousands of studies demonstrate the effectiveness of seeing a psychologist.  But the extent to which talking to a psychologist can benefit someone depends on many factors.  First and foremost, in order for therapy to work the client and psychologist should establish a strong sense of rapport, trust, and confidence in one another.  After all, there are quite a few styles of therapy, and one style may be more effective than another for your needs. Therefore, it is important to find a psychologist with the background and philosophy that best fits your needs.

Your Best-Fit Checklist:

  • Search the database:  You can access our database of more than 10,500 credentialed psychologists.  Feel free to customize your search based on areas of expertise and other categories, such as language spoken and professional credentials.
  • Identify at least three potential psychologists: allows you to create a contact list of psychologists. You may add psychologists to the My List  section in the main menu by clicking on Add to List on the profiles found in your search results.
  • Schedule your first face-to-face session:  When you find the psychologist you would like to see, schedule your first appointment.  Once you begin communicating your concerns, it is important to ask yourself, “Is this person someone I feel comfortable opening up to?” Keep in mind that you may not find the best psychologist for you on your first try.

Finding the right psychologist involves choosing the expertise and personality that inspires you to make changes in your attitude and behaviors.  It also requires acknowledging sometimes daunting underlying emotions and working attentively with your psychologist to find ways to cope. Most importantly, being open to discovering new and different ways to overcome life’s stressors is essential to a positive experience.

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