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The Father as Protector of the Mother and Child Unity by Dr. Barney Greenspan

Posted by on Aug 2, 2016 in Parenting, The Wire | 0 comments

What is being addressed here primarily is how a father deals with his maternal side without interfering with the mother’s mothering. Along with feeding, diapering and bathing (among other activities) one hopes that early on in his parenting a father will also learn to obtain gratification through his pride in, and the support and protection of, his wife’s maternal side.

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NPR: Psychotherapy Helps People Tune Out The Din Of Tinnitus

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in Chronic Illness, The Wire | 0 comments

Psychotherapy may be a solution to those who experience tinnitus, a condition that causes an individual to hear a ringing or roaring sound. An article released by NPR mentions that while tinnitus may be a simple annoyance to some individuals, it can be so intolerable to others that they begin to experience anxiety, depression, and an overall decreased quality of life.

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Achieving “Parenting Flow” by Dr. Kimberly D. Thompson

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in Parenting, The Wire | 0 comments

Flow is that marvelous experience when time and self-consciousness are suspended, and we have a sense of becoming one with what we are seeking to achieve. Explore the eight major components of flow, and how you can adjust your approach so that you achieve flow in your day-to-day life as a parent.

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My Story: Setbacks Do Not Mean Failure – L’s Story

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016 in Addiction, Building Resilience, Depression, Grief, My Story, Stress, Substance Abuse, The Wire | 0 comments

From our archives: When I was 19, I completed my first stint in rehab. I never really wanted to get into ‘the hard stuff’, so I got my highs through alcohol. It was never really a high I was after, though; I simply wanted to escape into another world, to forget about a loss that is still too hard to talk about.

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Online Bullying and Cyberbullying by Dr. Rosalind S. Dorlen

Posted by on Jun 28, 2016 in Abuse, Bullying, Parenting, The Wire | 0 comments

From our archives: More than one in five children in the U.S. has been bullied and nearly 40 percent report having been assaulted by other youths, according to 2010 data from the U.S. Department of Justice. The Centers for Disease Control considers bullying to be a major public health problem.

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My Story: Fear, A World-Class Attention Grabber by Paul Dooley

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016 in Anxiety, Bipolar Mood Swings, Borderline Personality, Building Resilience, Depression, Grief, My Story, Paranoia, Phobias, Stress, The Wire | 0 comments

From our archives: Guest blogger, Paul Dooley, talks about his experience with anxiety. “Fear is without a doubt a world-class attention grabber. And in 1999 it had me glued to myself. After experiencing my first panic attack, I spent several months possessed by worry.”

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