Back to School!

Ready or not, the school year is set to begin for many families across the United States. While exciting, there are a host of challenges kids and parents are going to face as a result of classes starting up. Financial trouble, bullying, academic challenges, and health concerns may present themselves to students and their families as the academic year begins. Other important areas to consider for going back-to-school:

  • Make sure your child has received their yearly physical has up to date immunizations
  • Establish a routine so kids can do their best in school
  • Always start their day with a healthy breakfast!

For more information, check out these additional tips for going back to school. And make sure to check out if your state offers sales tax holidays on any back-to-school items! To meet the challenges that come with sending your child back to school, consider the positive benefit a psychologist could have on your child’s academic functioning.