Find a Psychologist forHELP WITH substance misuse

Addiction relates to dependence on a substance or behavior to the extent that an individual notices an inability to cut back, spends too much time using or recovering from the substance or behavior, finds that the dependence interferes with daily functioning or obligations, or notices other symptoms.


A common form of addiction is drug addiction—including alcohol, nicotine, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs—but behavioral addictions can involve gambling, sex, the internet, or other compulsions. Addictions can have debilitating consequences for physical health, relationships, financial status, and other areas of life.


Unfortunately, some people think that having an addiction is a moral failure, but addiction is widely considered by scientists to be a complex problem that has genetic and environmental components. Individuals dealing with addiction deserve care and treatment, and need a supportive environment for recovery.


A psychologist can help with substance misuse. If you have another addiction, ask these psychologists if they are equipped to assist with your specific addiction.