Treatment Considerations

Find a Psychologist forindividual therapy

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to seek help and you’re in the process of finding the best fit for your psychologist before starting therapy sessions, you’ll want to explore what treatment type the psychologist uses to treat concerns such as yours and whether they have the proper expertise to help you. There are various treatment considerations, such as what treatments might work for you personally and what treatments will work to address your concern. Psychologists often use a blend of techniques sometimes called “eclectic psychotherapy.” While each therapy differs, most therapy has common goals: (1) to help the patient better understand themself and their situation, and (2) to help the patient devise new ways of dealing with the problems around them. Take your time to think through your treatment options and what feels right for you.


Many psychologists perform psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy. Psychotherapy often takes time and your psychologist may ask to see you a number of times. Some therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, often take fewer than eight visits. Other therapies, like psychoanalysis, can take months or years. Additionally, some psychologists who only do psychological testing, or who only work in integrated care settings, or who only work with clients through a particular organization. Be sure to discuss the type and length of therapy with your potential psychologist and ask the right questions to determine that the psychologist you choose can help you properly.