Brian S. Andres, PsyD

I am a semi-retired Chief Psychologist formerly at Headquarters of the State of California DSH (Department of State Hospitals a California Health & Human Services Agency) – formerly known as the Department of Mental Health (DMH). DSH is the nation’s largest inpatient mental health hospital system. I have also been engaged for many years in a part-time private practice since the mid/late 1990’s, which provides psych evaluations & consultations & second opinion evaluations for children, adults, couples & families in El Dorado Hills Northern California, Los Angeles, and Hawaii. I provide psych diagnostic as well as disability-compensation evaluations, poly-trauma / traumatic brain injury (TBI) assessments, neuropsych screens, return to work evaluations and assessment related to various psych trauma experienced by children and adults. I also have a sub-specialty in assessing & treating various personal-industrial psych trauma & combat-related trauma by specialty intelligence workers, law enforcement workers, Department of Defense (DOD) & USA military veterans since 1997. My web pages are: OR and I look forward to speaking with you.


Practice Overview

  • Hawaii — 866
  • California — 00019522
  • General Psychological Testing
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Childhood and Adolescent Problems
  • BlueShield of California
  • Anthem BlueCross

By Appointment Only. In addition to my office in El Dorado Hills (N. Cal), I do work psych work/consultations in Los Angeles CA, and Hawaii periodically throughout the year (Past 20+ years now).

  • Adults (18-64 yrs.)
  • Children (3-12 yrs.)
  • Older adults (65 yrs. or older)
  • Adolescents (13-17 yrs.)
  • Infants (0-2 yrs.)
  • Existential/Humanistic/Interpersonal

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