Silvestro Menzano Weisner, PhD

As a psychologist, my primary approach to psychotherapy is cognitive-behavioral (CB), a solution-focused and symptom-directed approach that involves examining the ways that thoughts and behaviors influence and shape emotions. I am person-centered and strive to meet each client where they are, providing acceptance, positive regard, empathy, and genuineness within a collaborative style that also incorporates education about mental health issues and coaching techniques to help clients achieve their goals and make positive changes in their lives. Over the course of my career, I have worked extensively with clients to help them address a wide variety of concerns, including: • Depression Anxiety • Work-related stress • Academic concerns (learning issues, attention problems) • Time management and organizational skills • Grief, loss, and bereavement • Spiritual and existential issues, including crises of faith and integrating beliefs and values • Life transitions (e.g., entering / leaving the workforce; marriage and divorce) • Identity issues and experiences of bias, discrimination, and oppression • Sexual and gender-related concerns As a well-rounded, integrative therapist, I believe firmly in understanding and using the client’s cultural context and relational dynamics to provide care in a culturally sensitive and affirming manner. To that end, I incorporate components of narrative and feminist therapeutic approaches, all within an explicit social justice framework. I encourage clients to develop an understanding of their own personal narratives, which will assist them in both understanding their past and making decisions about their future. I assist clients in developing insight into the values that are central to their intersecting identities. I work hard to establish an egalitarian relationship between myself and my clients. I introduce and reinforce the awareness of how sexism, racism, heterosexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, and other forms of oppression affect the client’s experience. I take a strengths-based approach that explicitly empowers clients to define their own identities; to create and adjust their own narratives; and to make cognitive and behavioral changes. In addition to my therapeutic work, social justice is one of my core professional values, and I strive always to advocate for oppressed and marginalized groups in my role as a psychologist--including educating and challenging colleagues and systems that are engaging in microaggressions and other forms of marginalization and oppression. I earned my Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 2002 from Gallaudet University, and I have been licensed since 2005. I am currently licensed as a psychologist in Virginia (since 2005); in the District of Columbia (since 2012); and in Maryland (since 2020). Prior to joining DBH, I provided individual, couples, and group therapy to civilian and military employees and their spouses within the Department of Defense. Prior to that, I spent my career in university counseling centers, having served as a staff psychologist at George Mason University for five years, and as director of the counseling centers at Marymount University (in Arlington, Virginia) and George Washington University (in D.C.) for 10 years. As such, I consider myself to be an expert in collegiate mental health, and I have worked with university students of all ages. Further, having obtained my doctoral degree from Gallaudet University, I am fluent in American Sign Language and have experience working with Deaf and hard of hearing clients, and with clients with disabilities in general. In addition, I am a sex therapist certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). I have extensive experience working with LGBTQ+ clients regarding sexual orientation and gender identity concerns. Further, I have worked with many individuals and couples regarding issues and problems with sexual behavior and functioning, including low sexual desire and desire discrepancies in relationships; sexual communication issues; challenges regarding sexual functioning affected by fertility issues, aging, and disability/chronic illness; and problems with out of control or otherwise problematic sexual interests and behavior.


Practice Overview

  • Maryland-06352
  • Virginia-0810003506
  • District of Columbia-PSY1000750
  • Anxiety
  • Career and Life Adjustments
  • Couples Therapy
  • Cultural Diversity Issues
  • Depression and Other Mood Disorders
  • Gender Issues
  • Group Psychotherapy
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • LGBT Issues
  • Pregnancy and Child-Rearing
  • Sexual Function
  • Stress
  • Compulsive Behaviors
  • Consultation to Psychologists or Health Providers
  • Cultural Identity
  • Out of Network only
Weekday, evening, and weekend hours available. Fee expected at time of service; practice will provide receipts for clients to pursue insurance reimbursement. Individual psychotherapy = $230/hour. Couples psychotherapy = $320/hour. No-show and late cancellations fees apply.
  • Adults (18-64 yrs.)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Existential/Humanistic/Interpersonal
  • Sex Therapy
  • Computer Based Interventions

Professional Affiliations

  • American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) - Clinical Psychology
  • AASECT-certified Sex Therapist

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