Career & Life Struggles

Find a Psychologist forHelp with Life Issues

What a person does for a living can be a huge part of their life. When we meet other people, often the first question we ask them is, “so what do you do?” On some level our work is part of our identity, but it is also a primary source of income and savings for many people. But what happens when you lose your job? Transition to a new work environment or career? What if you need to relocate or learn new skills? While these can be exciting times, they can also create a lot of stress and uncertainty.


At some point, most people feel some kind of negative emotion as a result of an adjustment they need to make in their career or in life. These struggles might make you feel frustrated, tired, or confused. When these feelings start to become overwhelming, you can reach out for support.


A psychologist can help you adjust to life changes. Together, you and your psychologist can develop an individualized plan to navigate through these transitions.


If you’re looking for specific help with finding a career that is better suited to your skills and personality, psychologists can help with career counseling as well HELP WITH VOCATIONAL COUNSELING