Dating & Relationships

Find a Psychologist forHelp with relationships

There are a wide variety of issues to discuss when it comes to dating and relationships, ranging from pre-relationship questions like “how do I find the right partner?” to sexual health questions like “how do I prevent STIs?” to intimacy questions like “how do I communicate with my partner?” Dating and relationships issues include self-esteem, trust, communication skills, conflict resolution, domestic violence, and more.


Good conflict resolution skills are important in life in general, but are especially important for dating and relationships. If you and your partner are out of sync on an issue, communicating openly may help. There are psychologists who specialize in couple counseling and can help you and your partner work through issues of sex and intimacy or navigate major life changes together.


Wanting intimacy and companionship are a normal part of life, but not everyone is romantically inclined or wants to “settle down.” There isn’t anything wrong with these choices, but if you do want a lifelong relationship, the pressure to find one and the loneliness of not succeeding can be overwhelming. After entering a relationship, you might then encounter communication challenges, marital discord, or divorce.


A psychologist can help mediate during these struggles. Psychologists can also help with areas relating specifically to sexual function, which can often involve a mix of physical and mental issues. Find a psychologist to HELP WITH SEXUAL FUNCTION