Adulthood & Aging

Find a Psychologist forHelp with Aging Issues

Mid- to late-adulthood can bring about many life changes that you may not feel ready for: retirement, planning for advanced care, menopause, chronic or terminal illness, or a shift in routine. Such aging issues may create difficulty adjusting to a “new normal,” such as with routine shifts after adult children leave the house or after retirement or other career shifts, or may cause you to dwell on mortality or new routines due to health changes.


Dealing with aging can be a challenge. It may feel as if your life was “settled” to a certain degree, and now it’s not, or you may feel overwhelmed by the health, financial, and end-of-life considerations of aging. But aging can also be an exciting adjustment—a new opportunity to learn new skills and try something different. It’s important to continue to exercise, socialize, and remain mindful of your emotional and physical well-being.


It can sometimes be helpful to talk to a psychologist when adjusting to life transitions in adulthood and as a result of aging.


If you have specific concerns about terminal illness or death, find a psychologist to HELP WITH TERMINAL ILLNESS