My Story: My Top 5 Inspirational Blogs for the New Year

With the New Year just a few days away, it is only natural to begin to prepare and plan for 2015. While most may be preoccupied with where to celebrate, or what type of clothing to wear while ringing in the year with a bang, there are many who plan ahead with a list of personal goals for the future.

Rather than focusing on the short-term preparations for the upcoming year, I found myself thinking of my own long-term internal changes aimed to better myself. As a communications assistant working on, I get to research the blogosphere to find helpful resources for our readers and I thought, why not share them? After all, I’m sure thousands of people from all over the country rack their brains trying to figure out how to make all of those internal changes possible.

In this article, I’ve tried to make their jobs a little bit easier. After searching the various types of self-help and inspirational blogs that exist, I managed to compile a list that I personally believe to be the top five inspirational blogs for my New Year:

1. The Possibility of Today:

Both creator and writer of “The Possibility of Today” blog, Sybil Chavis, dedicates her website to those who are looking to break free from negative thinking and begin to live life the way they’ve always wanted. Chavis’ blog stands out because of her approach on taking advantage of the possibilities of today, and is laid out to readers in a methodical manner. I find that this blog is essential to those who want a more positive outlook on life, but don’t know where to start or are too overwhelmed with the many different ways to make the positive changes possible.

2. Live Purposefully Now:

Blogger, Elle Sommer, aims to help her readers make the necessary changes in their lives by sharing tips on how to get past obstacles and achieve success as well as happiness. This blog was chosen because of the many different ways that Elle addresses making changes in life. She understands that making the changes to better yourself cannot be achieved through one path. Elle addresses that there are various ways that changes for the better can be made and she explores each of them under topics like; Life Fundamentals, Abundance, Motivation, Encouragement, Success, Happiness, and Change.

3. Authentically Emmie:

Fashion lover and fitness-seeking blogger, Emily, centers her blog “Authentically Emmie,” on sharing her weight loss journey. From “morbidly obese to healthy,” with the physical and emotional challenges she faced. Emmie’s blog is a real treat. She not only updates her readers on her weight loss but also goes a step further and helps other plus-size women find clothing that can make them feel good and look good. While her blog is extremely informative, it has a humorous element that will always keep you coming back and feeling positive.

4. Persistence Unlimited:

Brad Isaac, the creator of the “Persistence Unlimited” blog, believes that in order to be able to successfully accomplish your goals, they must be systematically set in the right way. In his blog, he shares with his readers articles and information that is needed in order to help with goal setting, as well as self-development. Brad keeps his blog simple and organized well for those who are just starting to make changes in their lives. His posts cover a range of topics from Goal Setting 101 to talking about Time Management and Powerful Decision Making. His writing style is personable and he is very attentive to those who leave comments or questions on his posts.

5. Expert Enough:

The creator of “Expert Enough,” Corbett Barr, teaches his readers the philosophy of “how to learn more so they can be more.” He provides strategies, techniques, and case studies in a variety of disciplines such as health, fitness, psychology, technology and more, so his audience can gain new skills and become happier. I found this blog to be interesting because of the main philosophy that Corbett Barr believes in. After reading so many blogs that focused on motivation and inspiration, this blog touched on the hidden potential that is trapped within every person. Corbett explores the idea that the secret to being “expert enough” is about wanting to learn more, do more, and be more. A simple thought, with a not-so- simple execution.

Accepting the fact that you want to make changes in your life is the first step. Hopefully, these blogs will provide you with enough motivation, dedication, and inspiration to see those changes through.

As we head into 2015 together, I believe it is important to remember the reason we are willing to make improvements in our lives; to ultimately become a happier version of ourselves. I think Helen Keller said it best by simply stating, “Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep you happy, and your joy and you shall form and invincible host against difficulties.” I wish you all a very Happy New Years and cheers to a happier new you.

author sohana

Sohana Waqar

Communications Assistant at the National Register for Health Service Psychologists

She is a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she received her Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.